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May 11, 2023: Emma Taleb joins the lab as a technician.
May 4, 2023: Kathryn’s paper on the structure of an active LPL dimer is published in Nature Communications. Read more
April 14, 2023: Alex presents his Honors Thesis entitled “Structural and biochemical characterization of the essential lipoprotein lipase inhibitor complex” at the John K. Koeppe Undergraduate Research Symposium.
April 12, 2023: Kathryn’s work with the Lõokene lab is published in PLOS One. Read more
March 26-30, 2023: Kathryn gives a talk entitled “Regulation of Lipoprotein Lipase by Quaternary Structure Dynamics” at an ACS meeting.
March 25-28, 2023: Saskia gives a talk at ASBMB in Seattle, WA as part of the “Molecular insight into lipid metabolism and transport” sesion.
March 7-10, 2023: Saskia attends the ASBMB Deuel Lipid Conference in Dana Point, CA.


December 3-7, 2022: Christina, Kathryn, and Saskia attend the American Society for Cell Biology meeting in Washington, DC. Kathryn presents a poster titled “Quaternary Structure Dynamics Regulate Lipoprotein Lipase Activity During Trafficking.”
November 7, 2022: Saskia moderates the Lipids, Lipid Mediators, and Lipoprotein Metabolism section at the AHA’s Scientific Sessions Conference.
September 24, 2022: Anna joins the second cohort of JEDI Leadership Fellows.
September 15, 2022: Kathryn is awarded a K99/R00 grant from the NIH.
September 8, 2022: The Neher lab attends the Fredrickson Lipid Conference. Sasky is Co-Chair and Kathryn wins the Larry Rudel Award for her presentation.
June 27, 2022: Sasky is invited to give a talk at the FASEB Lipid Droplet Science Research Conference (SRC).
June 5-10, 2022: Sasky, Anna, and Uriel present at the Gordon Research Conference for Lipoprotein Metabolism.
April 18, 2022: Christina So joins the lab as a graduate student.
April 5, 2022: Najla presents her Honors Thesis at the John K. Koeppe Undergraduate Research Symposium.
March 25, 2022: Nikea is selected to give a talk entitled “Legos and Cotton Balls: Engaging Students with Protein Modeling” at the 2022 Capital PKAL Regional Network Conference. Read more
January 21, 2022: Anna is awarded a TraCS $2k Pilot Study Grant to begin to study the effects of a gene therapy.
January 1, 2022: Kathryn begins her second American Heart Association Postdoctoral Fellowship.


November 11, 2021: Najla presented her research on antibiotic resistance in E. coli at the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS) conference.
September 10, 2021: Nikea is selected as a Burroughs Wellcome Fund awardee in the Postdoctoral Enrichment Program. Read more
September 8-11, 2021: Lab members travel to Lexington, Kentucky for the newly renamed Fredrickson Lipid Research Conference. Sasky is an invited speaker, Uriel wins a $500 travel award, Kathryn does a 90-second poster pitch, and Anna wins 2nd place in graduate student poster presentations. Read more
August 18, 2021: Alexis joins the lab as an undergraduate researcher and Ava, Casey, and Kareem join as work-study students.
August 16, 2021: Nikea is interviewed for a Nature article about how hashtags and social media have impacted the experiences of Black scientists. The #BlackinSTEM organizers have created online spaces for various disciplines that provide connection and support for researchers globally.  Read more
August 13, 2021: Kathryn is invited to give a talk entitled “Comparing Two Inhibitors of Lipoprotein Lipase using SAXS” at the 12th annual SIBYLS BioSAXS workshop, hosted by ALS at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Watch recording
August 12, 2021: Ben and Chelsea’s findings on LPL-containing vesicles are published in the Journal of Cell Science. Read more
July 2021: Alex joins the lab as an undergraduate researcher.
July 19, 2021: Kathryn is awarded a Leading Edge Fellowship. Read more
June 14, 2021: Ben is awarded the Diane Harris Leadership Award. Read more
May 2021: Sasky is an invited speaker at the Functional Disulfides in Health and Disease FASEB Meeting.
May 4, 2021: Nikea earns a UNC Diversity Award for her efforts in establishing diversity, equity, and inclusion at UNC. Read more
April 13, 2021: Uriel joins the lab as a graduate student.
April 13, 2021: Najla is awarded the Chancellor’s Science Scholars Summer Research Award Fellowship to work on her Rcl project. Read more
April 6, 2021: Ben defends his thesis in a hybrid zoom event. Congratulations and good luck! Read more
March 23, 2021: Anna is awarded a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Read more
February 17, 2021: Nikea joins the executive board of the Black Microbiologists Association. Read more
January 20, 2021: Kathryn and Aspen’s work on ANGPTL3 and ANGPTL4 is published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry. Read more


October 14, 2020: Kathryn is awarded a UNC Postdoctoral Award for Research Excellence. Read more
June 25, 2020: Nikea is featured in a Nature article on actions that can be taken to combat institutional racism in the sciences. Read more
May 12, 2020: Kathryn and Ben’s paper on the filamentous helix form of LPL is published in PNAS. Read more
May 4, 2020: Ben is awarded a National Research Service Award (NRSA) F31 Predoctoral Fellowship. Read more
April 29, 2020: Ben is inducted into Frank Porter Graham Graduate and Professional Honor Society. Read more
April 16, 2020: Aspen is awarded the Diane Harris Leadership Award. Read more
April 14, 2020: Anna joins the lab as a graduate student.
March 30, 2020: Aspen is one of the first students to defend a thesis via zoom. Congratulations and well done! Read more
February 5, 2020: Najla joins the lab as an undergraduate researcher.
January, 2020: Jake joins the lab as an undergraduate researcher.


December 18, 2019: Sasky helps plan the first Triangle Area CryoEM Symposium as a board member. Nikea and Sasky were session chairs for the Macromolecular Complexes Sessions 1 and 2, respectively. Kathryn gave a talk entitled “A new twist in lipase storage: the cryoEM structure of helical LPL.” Read more
December 7, 2019: Sasky is an invited speaker at the ASCB (American Society for Cell Biology) EMBO meeting. Read more
December 2019: Kathryn is awarded an American Heart Association Post-Doctoral Fellowship.
October 20, 2019: Sasky is an invited speaker at SERMAC (Southeastern Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society).
September 2019: We welcome post-doc Dr. Nikea Pittman to the lab.
August 20, 2019: Cari and Ben publish a review on the importance of ER processing of lipid-metabolizing proteins. Read more
August 1, 2019: Sasky gives a talk titled “How Form Defines Function: Insight Into Lipase Regulation” at the Molecular and Cellular Biology of Lipids Gordon Conference as an invited speaker. Read more
May 16, 2019: Sasky gives a talk at the National Lipid Association Conference in Miami, FL as an invited speaker.
February 22, 2019: Aspen’s work on ANGPTL4 and LPL is published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry. Read more


December 12, 2018: Ming wins the Staff Excellence Award for Research. Read more
November 8, 2018: Aspen is awarded an American Heart Association Pre-Doctoral Fellowship. Read more
November 2, 2018: Aspen wins Best Poster at the Southeast Regional Lipid Conference (SLRC).
October 19, 2018: We’re on the road to therapeutics for hypertriglyceridemia. Read our new publication in the Journal of Lipid Research on the use of a Furin resistant LPL for use in protein replacement therapy. Find it on Pubmed.
October 2018: Aspen wins Best Poster at the Biochemistry and Biophysics departmental research retreat.
August 1, 2018: Ben, Melissa, Lindsey, and Ming are published in the EMBO journal for studies on Lmf1. Read more
June 10, 2018: Aspen and Sasky attend the Lipoprotein Metabolism Gordon Research Conference. Sasky gave a talk entitled “Putting misfolded LPL in its place.” Aspen was selected to help organize the 2020 Lipoprotein Metabolism Gordon Research Seminar. Read more
January 16, 2018: Cassandra, Lin, and Mike publish a model of the LPL dimer in the inaugural “Future of Biochemistry” issue of ACS Biochemistry. Read more


November 3-5 2017: The lab traveled to Lexington, Kentucky for the Southeast Lipids Regional Conference (SLRC). A first conference for some of us!
August 31, 2017: Cassandra defends her thesis. Congratulations! Attendees of the after-party required to wear pink. Read more
Summer 2017: We recently welcomed our new post-doc Dr. Kathryn Gunn. From North Carolina, to California, to Chicago and back in Chapel Hill to pursue her post-doctoral work. Kathryn will work with ANGPTL3 and 8 to characterize their inhibitory roles towards LPL.
January 9, 2017: Cassandra and Mike’s paper on an LPL truncation mutant was published in ACS Biochemistry. Read more